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Home style sell a wide range of Conservatories for more information call 0800 614219


Digital technology is able to show how your conservatory will look when it adjoins your home. Having photographed your home, it is used as a backdrop upon which the image of your chosen style of conservatory is overlaid. The picture of your house with conservatory added will be shown on screen, showing colours, special glass and building work, even internal effects can be added. Once the design is finalised to your satisfaction a colour print will be produced showing a lifelike representation.

Homestyle Windows & Conservatories then produces architectural drawings to give an accurate representation of the suggested conservatory design and to give you a choice of alternative aspects . This helps address any concerns you may have about the best conservatory design for your home and eliminates the possibility of choosing unwisely.

Living in conservatory

The siting of your conservatory will have an important bearing on the internal temperature. Our aim is to make sure that your bespoke conservatory will be comfortable to use all year round.

Heating, cooling and ventilation are essential considerations. In winter a conservatory can become too cold for comfort and extending the existing central heating system should be considered as this may be the most practical solution. Electric convector heaters can also provide instant heating options and underfloor heating is a space saving and efficient alternative.

Climate-controlled air conditioning can prove a worthwhile investment. Roof blinds which reduce heat and glare from direct sunlight will also help to keep your conservatory cool in summer and might be essential depending on where your conservatory is positioned.

Owning a Homestyle conservatory offers you an adventure when you discover the delights of 'living under glass'.

The lightness and airiness of a conservatory can lead to a whole new lifestyle. When home owners add a conservatory to their home they get much more than added financial value - they get a room which is a window on the great outdoors, with use 365 days a year.

A conservatory is the ideal opportunity for gardeners and homemakers to combine their talents.

The crisp lines of the Homestyle make a perfect foil to flights of fancy on d¨¦cor. The roof gives a gracious appearance which befits a Homestyle conservatory

After Sales

A Homestyle conservatory will add a new dimension to your home. Once you have experienced the openness and the beauty of sitting in natural light, you¡¯ll delight in the unique atmosphere it has created for your family to enjoy. We are also certain in choosing Homestyle Windows & Conservatories, the value of your choice will be confirmed as you appreciate the quality of its construction, its elegance and durability.

Homestyle Windows & Conservatories provides a full after-care programme to honour our guarantees and ensure our products give you complete satisfaction for many years to come.


A conservatory can be whatever you want it to be...
a dining room, a music room, or even an extension to your kitchen. As a room ¡®in the garden¡¯ the natural light creates a unique atmosphere, the airy openness gives a feeling of space and freedom.

As you read through our website, we hope you'll acknowledge that Homestyle goes to great lengths to ensure each conservatory is individually designed and that no two conservatories are the same.

This means we are happy to build a substantial pavillion conservatory to a modern home or a small lean-to on to a listed cottage.

If you do not see the conservatory you are looking for in this website or in one of Galleries, it might mean that are designers have not yet created it - or we did not use these photos.

We take care to consider all aspects of the conservatory, how it will fit on to your existing home and accomodate your furniture and provide you with valuable additional space.

Homestyle conservatory

Modern and stylish in design, The Garden Room conservatory makes the most of every square inch of your floor area.

Its projection is one of the largest available on the market today - up to four metres where required.

Like The Victorian style, it is versatile enough to cope with internal and external corners. And similar to that range, it offers the option of glass-to-ground, lower infill panels or base walls, and a choice of single, double or sliding patio doors.

Exceptional quality and unbelievable value, the double glazed Crusader range is the ideal choice when you're looking for a classic quality conservatory on a budget.

By choosing from a range of standard Victorian or Garden Room designs, and thanks to a vast investment in manufacturing technology, you can realise your dream of conservatory living.

This budget conservatory range brings you everything you expect from Homestyle - superb quality, expert installation and the same 10 year guarantee that we give on all our conservatories.

To create a unique conservatory solution for your available space, we can combine The Victorian model with The Garden Room.

Its innovative roofing system gives our Victorian conservatory design immense versatility, as both the span and the pitch can be varied to suit specific requirements.

When combined with a Garden Room, there is virtually no limit to the sizes, shapes and configurations you can achieve, making The Combination the ideal choice for building around corners and in unconventional spaces.

With its sharp sleek lines, The Edwardian conservatory is practical and elegant in design.

The striking pointed roof helps give this conservatory the feeling of extra space, and an ageless appearance which blends well with properties both old and new.

The Victorian Conservatory with its angled roof, ornate cresting and finial, provides an elegant addition to your home.

The innovative roofing system gives our Victorian conservatory design immense versatility, as both span and pitch can be varied to suit specific requirements.

When combined with a Garden Room to create The Combination style, there is virtually no limit to the sizes, shapes and configurations you can achieve.

Imagine having an extra room in your house for all the family to use, for any purpose. Imagine that room bathed in natural light all year round. Finally, imagine knowing that room has increased the value of your house. But choosing the right people to build your conservatory is important.

Our fitting process is quick and straightforward, and our build quality is second to none. What's more, each conservatory comes with a 10 year guarantee as standard.

Beautiful, superbly built, and long-lasting, our huge range of styles can be fully customised to fit your space and existing house design.

There are 6 beautiful styles to choose from in our conservatories range.

Home style supply a wide range of Conservatories for more information call 0800 614219

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